Studio Pricelist

**We are offering special COVID discount to help you stay strong with your Pilates practice and to thank you for your continued support.**

Offer valid **September 1st – November 30th 2020 **

Drop In Class: (15% Discount)
GROUP: RP 240,000

MAT: RP 130, 000

PRIVATE: RP 595,000

PACKAGES: (20 -25% discount – valid for 3 months)

5 GROUP RP 1,190,000

10 GROUP RP 2,100,000

5 MAT RP 600,000

10 MAT RP 1,125 000

5 PRIVATE RP 2,800,000

10 PRIVATE RP 5,250,000

Terms and Conditions

• Registration is recommended for all classes, including mat. Priority will be given to clients who have pre-registered.
• There is a maximum 4 in a Group Reformer Plus class and 6 in a Mat Plus or Circuit Plus class to keep to social distancing best practice.
• New clients to Pilates are required to book a private class with one of our instructors so we can assess your specific needs and level before entering into a group class
• All studio packages are non refundable.

Studio Etiquette
• Please bring a socks to class. For the hygiene of both yourself and others you must wear socks on all equipment.
• Please be courteous to other clients. Try to be quiet when classes are in progress, and turn hand phones to vibrate or silent during class.
• Please refrain from wearing strong fragrances at the studio.

As a courtesy to staff and other clients, please give at least 12 hours notice when cancelling or rescheduling class to avoid incurring a cancellation charge or loss of that session fee.

How it works
Please contact us at with any enquiries or to book a class (subject to availability)
Payments can be prepaid by Paypal or local bank transfer or paid in cash at the studio.