Movement is Breath: Beyond the Mechanics

Many movement teachers know the how the breath works, diaphragmatic and abdominal. Or are they separate actions? What is the healthy patterning of the trunk? Is it the contraction, the relaxation, pulling in or letting go as the most effective use of breath and movement. What if the client has difficulty with breathing due to body tension, disease or simply lack of awareness. Madeline Black will lead you through a movement class to enhance the body’s tissue structure for improved breathing therefore better control for strengthening. She will demystify and simplify the myofascial connections for healthy trunk movement patterning for better breathing. Learn to support a client with compromised breathing especially those with health issues. Madeline will teach hands-on work as well as movements to integrate movement and breath.


  • Expanding the understanding of how movement and breath are interrelated based on new science
  • Morning class will be focused on mat movements for improved breathing and core strengthening
  • Learning to teach breathing with energy and life rather than typically in a slow, minimal movement process
  • Assisting clients with greater restrictions due to disease, tension or structural issues such as scoliosis
  • Cueing through hands-on work to guide the client in a felt sense of breath movement
  • Deconstruct classical Pilates trunk exercises on Reformer

Workshops only package includes:

  • Morning workout with Madeline Black
  • Welcome pack including: sarong, note book and pen, and ‘what’s hot list for shops and restaurants
  • A delicious breakfast
  • Chosen workshops

Movement is Breath: Beyond the Mechanics
28th and 29th October 2015
6.45am- 1.30pm both days.

  • Early Bird: $US630.00 (Book and pay in full before 1st August 2015)
  • Normal: $US690.00 (Book and pay in full before 1st September 2015)
  • +2 Lunches $80.00

ALL 3 WORKSHOPS (1, 2, & 3)
*Movement is Breath: Beyond the Mechanics
*Psoas as a Core Muscle
*Working with Scoliosis

  • Early Bird: $US1150.00 (Book and pay in full before 1st August 2015)
  • Normal: $US1250.00 (Book and pay in full before 1st September 2015)
  • + 4 Lunches $US160.00

Please email for more information.

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