Psoas as a Core Muscle: For Yoga

Madeline Black, an internationally known teacher of teachers in Pilates is also practices and studies yoga and Gyrotonic®. She has re-designed her popular Pilates apparatus workshop on the psoas for all movement systems. New perspectives based on current science will be introduced and how this understanding now changes your teaching.

The psoas plays a role in core activation and alignment of the spine, pelvis and legs. Madeline will teach how to find the psoas, release and recruit it, and see how it affects the alignment and core strength. Balancing the psoas can improve breathing, release spinal tension including the neck and hip joints. Madeline will also demonstrate how other muscles and bones are moved synergistically with the psoas.


  1. Learn location and function of the psoas and the relating structures
  2. Define an imbalance of psoas and its affect on posture, and movement potential
  3. How psoas activation deepens core recruitment and release tension of hip flexors
  4. Exercises to retrain dysfunctional recruitment patterns while standing, sitting, lying on the mat
  5. Small props will be used such as blocks, bolsters, phsyio balls and rollers

Workshops only package includes:

  • Morning workout with Madeline Black
  • Welcome pack including: sarong, note book and pen, and ‘what’s hot list for shops and restaurants
  • A delicious breakfast
  • Chosen workshops

Psoas as a Core Muscle: For Yoga, Pilates Mat and Gyrotonic® Teachers
30th October 2015

  • Early Bird: $US315.00 (Book and paid in full before 1th August 2015)
  • Normal: $US350.00 (Book and paid in full before 1th September 2015)
  • + 1 Lunch $40.00

ALL 3 WORKSHOPS (1, 2, & 3)
*Movement is Breath: Beyond the Mechanics
*Psoas as a Core Muscle
*Working with Scoliosis

  • Early Bird: $US1150.00 (Book and pay in full before 1st August 2015)
  • Normal: $US1250.00 (Book and pay in full before 1st September 2015)
  • + 4 Lunches $US160.00

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